April 27, 2013

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October 18, 2011

Custom Orders

Hey Everybody :)
I will be ready to open custom orders back up from next week so here's how it will work.

I have the capabilities to dye 12 skeins each week as custom orders. I know there is a lot of demand so i will be taking emails from tomorrow morning (19th of October) 9am NZT on a first in first served basis.

My email is redridinghood@hotmail.co.nz

Please email me with your order and i will give you a time frame based on your spot in the "queue"  ( 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks etc) Payment will be due the week before your order is dyed so the first 12 skeins ordered will be due immediately etc.

If you are after petite sets feel free to order them but i am not sure on the availability of yarn for these ( i buy in bulk and wind the mini skeins myself) so will have to check and get back to you whether it is possible.

Due to  high demand and limited time i am going to add on a $5 custom order charge per order regardless of how many skeins you order :) hope you understand.

Prices are

$36 per 200g of 8ply and 10ply superwash 100% wool 434m
$21 per 100g of 4ply superwash 100% Merino 357m
+ $5 custom order fee per order
+ Postage

Any questions please let me know!

xxx Hannah

July 14, 2011

A Tribute To Aria - Auction

This week i have chosen to pay tribute to Aria MacDonald's memory by using her favourite colours ( pink, purple and orange) and words that to me sum out this amazing little girl.

You can read about Arias story here http://aria.org.nz/

I am auctioning off this one of a kind Petite Collection dyed in Aria's favourite colours and all proceeds will be donated to The Kids Foundation of NZ which is a charity that support Aria and her family throughout her life.

The yarn is 8ply superwash and there is approx  330g and 714m total. ( Retail value $60 )

To Bid please make a comment with you bid. Bidding will start with $30 and bids will go up in $1 minimums ( but you can bid more if you want to )  I will close bidding at 7pm tomorrow night ( July 15th) with the last bidder being the winner :)

Good luck!

June 23, 2011


This weeks yarn theme was "Birthstones".
I have a thread on ravelry where members can just suggestions on themes they would like to see dyed up and this had been suggested numerous times :)

First up the deep rich tones







The are all sold out already so none to list on here sorry!
Next week is yarn club mail out so no update, but the week after i will have the other months, lighter stones :)

June 16, 2011

More Petite Collections!

This weeks yarn update is two new colourways in the Petite Collections

"Wishing Drops"

"Camo Drops"
There are two sets of each available, pop over to the "yarn for sale" tab for more info

June 10, 2011

Introducing Little Reds "Petite Collections"

I launched a new product today

Indroducing Little Red's "Petite Collections"
Sets of coordinating yarn to make that extra special project :)
5x 55g aprox 275g a set.

These all sold out instantly but will be making more asap!
If you are interested in a custo order for these then flick me an email at redridinghood@hotmail.co.nz


The First Yarn Club installment!

I am very happy to reveal the contents of the first Winter Yarn Club parcels!

The Boys Club!
 “Trident” yarn, Buttons by Benji, Chocolate fish and “Poseiden” vest pattern by Amber Bertram

The Girls Club
“Nymph” Yarn, Buttons by Benji, Chocolate fish and “Amphitrite” vest pattern by Amber Bertram