April 30, 2011

Yarn Club Sign-Up is Tomorrow!

This winter i will be running my very first yarn club :D
It will run for 3 months over June, July and August.
The price will be $150 for the three months and will include postage :)
For an extra $10 you can receive both sets of patterns each month ( boys and girls)
The club will be aimed at the little people in your life and the club contents will be for making child sized (under 5) garments.

There will be 20 spots available , 10 boy and 10 girl. Each month the yarn and patterns will be gender specific but complimentary ;)

Each month you will receive:

* An exclusive yarn club colourway in 8ply superwash yarn (200g worth)
* An exclusive pattern to make a childs wear item
* Knitters goodies to fit the theme
* Yummy scrummy edible goodies

Sign up will be 7pm THIS Sunday Night (1st May)
Please email me at redridinghood@hotmail.co.nz your Name, Address, Girl/Boy Spot and whether you would like to receive both sets of patterns for an additional $10.
Payment MUST be in my account no later than 10am Friday the 6th ( $150 for standard $160 for extra patterns) 

xxx Hannah


  1. Can I put a request in for the next yarn club to include larger sizes please ie. up to 10-12 years?

    I'd love to be involved but I have no little people (under 5) to knit for :(

  2. the only issue with that melissa is that i would have to provide double the yarn ( to have enough yaradge to make large items) which would mean close to double the price :)

  3. Oh yeah, I didn't think of that lol. I was too busy being bummed about not being able to join in the fun ;)

  4. This is such a great idea!! Pity I Onpy realised at the end of winter :(

  5. Will you ship to the US? What would the price be? I don't want to wait 6 months again!!