September 7, 2010

First Stocking is up!!!!

The very first Red Riding Hood Yarn stocking is up on facebook!!!

If you haven't already joined then please pop over to  and check it out!!!

I have also added all the photos to the "Yarn for sale" tab at the top on this page.

I am till trying to work out how to go about listing this in the future as i have a few options in front of me.

How do you feel about having a felt store? would that make you more/less likely to buy?


  1. A think a Felt store is a great idea, and perhaps an Etsy store too?

  2. Probably have one of each Hannah, or look at getting a website.

    Pros and cons for both.

    Pro - Felt is great because it's NZ owned and I really love that.
    Con - You have to be in credit for listing which can be a bit of a pain if like me I'm not flush all the time.

    Pro - worldwide audience, you don't need to be in credit for list items and make sales. You can have a Etsy tab on your FB page
    Con - It's in US dollars which put people off

  3. very good points Jo
    yeha the US dollars is what puts me off Etsy so much.
    I think i proper website is a few months away.
    I think the facebook shop is a good idea though :)

  4. US dollars may put you off ETSY but the fees are actually cheaper than other sites and they now have conversion tool where you can see what the price will be in your chosen currency.

    If you sell on Felt then I won't be able to buy as they can't get my account to work for some strange reason :-(

  5. Have you thought about opening a store on They are brilliant.