September 6, 2010

The Surprise is out of the woods!!!

The Surprise is finally out of the woods and i can reveal the sneaky project i have been working on :)

Welcome to Red Riding Hood Yarns!!!  Home of gorgeous boutique hand dyed yarns to indulge your yarn obsession with ;)

I have wanted to launch with a bang so have spent the past month or so organising labels and business cards, professional logo design, building this blog etc to give you a high quality and GORGEOUS yarn buying experience :)

With all this rain my drying is a bit behind time so my first stocking will be TOMORROW afternoon instead of today as promised. I'm sorry for the delay but i guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

Tomorrow stocking is for all the sock yarn lovers out there, with delicious "Little Red Riding Hood" themed sock yarns.

Each stocking i have will always revolve around a central theme, just to add a little extra fun for me AND for you.

Please share Red Riding Hood Yarns around to your friends, all my details for twitter, facebook etc are on the left of this blog :)



  1. Hi Hannah

    Sorry but I am obviously missing something. I cannot work out how to purchase your wool. I am really keen on sock wool and I understand that's what is happening tomorrow??? HELP! Please point me in the right direction. Cheers


  2. Hi Dawn, i just uploaded all my photos onto facebook last week as i was a bit unorganised. My facebook fanpage is or If you go up to the "yarn for sale" tab at the top of this page you can view the colouways i dyed up. if you are interested in any you can email me at