September 29, 2010

Greek Gods and Goddesses

That was the theme of this weeks update!
Fingering and Lace were the weights.

September 21, 2010

Custom Order : Elijah

A good friend of mine requested a custom order this week. Some Blue and green yarn to knit something for her son Elijah.

this is what i came up with!!!

She loves it and so do i :) The base is 100% NZ wool in superwash

ooooh SUGAR ahhhhh Honey Honey

I decided to switch things up for this weeks yarn update and put it up last night :)
here is a peak at what was up for grabs:

From top to bottom; Candy, Madison, Britany and Crystal
Britany is the only yarn left standing!!!!

September 14, 2010

"From the Earth" Yarn update

I cant believe its been a week already but here is Red Riding Hood yarn's second installment!!!

From left to right we have "Dutsch Elm" "Turquoise Stone" "Blue Meanie" "Iron Ore" "Kumara" and "Rose Quartz" All 8ply Merino.

Each skein is shown separately on the "Yarn for Sale" tab at the top of this blog. 

Pop over to facebook and comment on the photos to purchase. I will also be adding some paypal facility's to my blog later for those without facebook :)

Remember all purchases made this week and last week will put you in the draw to with the gorgeous "Boysenberry Sorbet" giveaway

September 8, 2010

Giveaway Time!!!!

Red Riding Hood Yarns is having a giveaway over on facebook :)

How to enter? Just make any purchase form yesterdays stocking or form next weeks and receive one enter per hank ordered. EASY!!!

Whats up for grabs?
Some yummy scrummy 8ply merino dyed in the colours of boysenberry sorbet and a solid purple trim

nom nom nom

There is still plenty of yarn from yesterday so pop over to facebook and purchase some to be in the draw!

September 7, 2010

First Stocking is up!!!!

The very first Red Riding Hood Yarn stocking is up on facebook!!!

If you haven't already joined then please pop over to  and check it out!!!

I have also added all the photos to the "Yarn for sale" tab at the top on this page.

I am till trying to work out how to go about listing this in the future as i have a few options in front of me.

How do you feel about having a felt store? would that make you more/less likely to buy?

September 6, 2010

The Surprise is out of the woods!!!

The Surprise is finally out of the woods and i can reveal the sneaky project i have been working on :)

Welcome to Red Riding Hood Yarns!!!  Home of gorgeous boutique hand dyed yarns to indulge your yarn obsession with ;)

I have wanted to launch with a bang so have spent the past month or so organising labels and business cards, professional logo design, building this blog etc to give you a high quality and GORGEOUS yarn buying experience :)

With all this rain my drying is a bit behind time so my first stocking will be TOMORROW afternoon instead of today as promised. I'm sorry for the delay but i guarantee you it will be worth the wait.

Tomorrow stocking is for all the sock yarn lovers out there, with delicious "Little Red Riding Hood" themed sock yarns.

Each stocking i have will always revolve around a central theme, just to add a little extra fun for me AND for you.

Please share Red Riding Hood Yarns around to your friends, all my details for twitter, facebook etc are on the left of this blog :)